"the confidence of a cowgirl." challenge.

"the confidence of a cowgirl." challenge.

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Join us May 26th - 30th for our VERY FIRST "confidence of a cowgirl." challenge. In just five short days, we'll give you some tips and tricks for a more confident you - without all the B.S. and fluff that no one wants to hear.

GUESS WHAT: If you get two friends to also join the challenge, you'll get a $20 biscuits + crazy gift card, meaning your course is basically FREE!

After purchasing this ticket, you'll receive an email to join the Facebook Challenge Group and the schedule for the week - PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM. You can email us or DM us on Instagram if you experience any issues.

Tickets are available now through May 25th. After that, you'll be put on the waitlist for the next course by clicking "Notify Me When Available"!

Here's what you'll receive:

- Five live sessions in the Group.

- The shortened training from the {MANY} books that I've read, but I'll highlight some specific ones that I think you'll enjoy.

- Printables that go along with the course.

- Lock screens to use throughout the challenge {and after}!

- PLUS: we're going to do some giveaways in the group!